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DollZone 18th Anniversary Model -Ying Long

He was born as a dragon, after 500 years of training to get a pair of crystal long horns, is the horned dragon; and after a thousand years of training to get a pair of wings, and finally became the Ying-long.
Ying-long is in the center of the five main parties, the five elements of the Secretary for the earth, the order of the wind and clouds and thunder, the force of a thousand pounds. After the emperor's favor, sealed as a general, the world chopped Chi You, Kwa Fu. Chi You, Kwa Fu both dead, should be the dragon also lost the power of God, unable to return to the heavenly realm, only to live in the South Pole. The sky world no longer should be ordered by the dragon wind and rain, the earth suffered from the pain of drought. In order to seek rain, people come up with strange tricks, pretending to be the Dragon's posture, but every time they get sweet rain.

ABOUT US DollZone is a BJD brand founded by Hongshe Animation in 2005, and it is also the first original BJD brand in China. It has more than ten years of independent research and development experience in BJD. 

DollZone continues to innovate in design, strives for perfection in craftsmanship, and focuses on bringing a better experience and quality and considerate service to the public. 

DollZone brand focuses on the domestic market and enjoys a high reputation internationally. Its product design and quality are widely recognized and praised by domestic and foreign players. DollZone has an excellent team of designers. The doll styles are diverse, including elf, daily, retro European style, two-dimensional and other styles; in terms of size, including three, four, six and other regular sizes and various original specials Size, ruler The size is complete; the doll's posture is beautiful, the expression is natural and vivid, and it has a touching charm. BJD dolls such as Grey Heron, Xiaoxue, Carter, Scarecrow, etc. are all representative works of the DollZone brand that are highly evaluated by customers and the industry.
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