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  • Description
    This page is the doll's body blushing page. It is a page for adding body blushing after buying a doll. It is not a page for doll sales. Please do not pay for it at will.

    1. Body blushing color: The male body blushing is more flesh-colored, and the female body blushing is more pink, please don't mind.
    2. After sales instructions: After the body blushing is painted, we use the matte model paint to fix the blushing for protection, but the model paint has limited protection ability, and due to frequent friction in the joints, the body blushing in this part will continue to wear and tear, and it is easier to fall off than other parts. fall. For the above reasons, body blushing is a consumable item, so the loss of body blushing caused by playing and consumption and the slight wear during transportation are not within the scope of after-sales, please forgive me.

Body blushing

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  • Body blushing:
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