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DollZone News

Summary of overseas activities in November:
Darlene&Beatrice Full Set and Nude Doll Limited Time Offer:2021.11.1-2021.11.30 Place an order to enjoy a 12% discount!
Buy Darlene Full Set Give a pair high heel foot,Buy Beatrice Full Set Give a pair Flat feet,Buy Darlene&Beatrice Full Set Give Little Ghost Hotaru nude doll

15% off in-store sales throughout the month of November, free Peach skin small deer head for every $588 order amount (Mir&Gru, Darlene&Beatrice will not participate in this discount activity)

1. Check the discontinued doll  please! They can' t be purchased after 2021.11.30
2. During the event time, if purchase one of, they, you can enjoy 15%. off discount,no matter fullset, nude doll, head or body.

Discontinuied list of single heads, accessories, etc. are all within the scope of discontinuation.
Mist Strayer and Venus Halo will open all matching options, and Honey will open wing version options.(Include Fullset /nude doll)

Discontinuied list:
3 points: Rowell, Snow, Mandrake, Merlin, Ash, Cynthia, Jasmin, Wen
4 points: Mist Strayer, Venus Halo, Noel, Neil, Cinnamon
6 points: Miss Kitty, Hotarubi, Evan, Honey

Nude doll accessories: female body with wings B27-008, male body with wings B27-009

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