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About modifying the order:
1.7 days after order is placed, no more modification of the order is accepted.
2.If you have other specific requirements such as add ear piercing, body accessories replacement, or add face up or body blush, Please email us( and confirm the order.
About delivery time:
1. Order a nude doll and/or purchase additional resin accessories and no facial makeup, the production period is about 4 to 5 months (no holidays included);
2. Order a nude doll and/or purchase additional resin accessories and face/body makeup, the production period is about 5 to 6 months (no holidays included);
3. Order a full set, the shipment will be taken after the full set is all done, the production period is about 5 to 6 months (no holidays included);
4. The production period of some special items shall be subject to the announcement.
About express delivery:EMS
Shipping Area: Worldwide
Shipper: EMS, or EMS premium(not available for some area)
Delivery time: 7~10 business days(varies by area)
* Overseas delivery may be delayed due to local customs.
About customs and taxes:
The buyer is responsible for the international shipments for which is import duties and taxes may applied. This charge is imposed in the destination country and we cannot handle with it.
If the buyer is returned with a refusal to receive the item, the related cost (round-trip shipping, handling fee, etc.) is buyer’s responsibility.
About refunds:
Our company will not accept any refund of the above situations.
About Dolls:
The dolls and their parts are all made by hand, filled by hand and polished by hand. They are not made in batches by machine. Due to the limitation of the handwork process, it is normal to have slight asymmetry, and it is not a quality problem, this is also the reason why the uniqueness of every BJD .
If there is a loss of Doll’s body makeup on the joints ,It's normal, not a quality issue.
If the doll is damaged in the course of transportation,please contact us immediately and take photos for the damage . Also Dollchateau will not be responsible for the freight for such damage repair (Therefore,it is recommended to use the insured service).
If the doll itself has quality problems requiring warranty,please contact us immediately ,we will evaluate different quality problems and then come up with appropriate solutions.
About maintenance
1. Making sure BJD in a Drying and cleaning space . If it is stored in the wardrobe, please put the moisture-proof agent or bamboo bag in the wardrobe
2.Try Not to let BJD’s body touch the water. If you have to let it touch the water for the shooting,please air dry the doll thoroughly before putting it away. Avoid rusting on the hooks and magnets because of the dampness.
3.Please choose light color for doll’s all underclothes as far as possible, such as flesh color, pink, White, etc. Please do not choose black, dark blue and other dark colors, to avoid clothes fade and dyed to the doll body.
4. Please put a mask on the doll every time you put it in a bag or sleeping box to prevent makeup from getting damaged or eyelashes warped.
5. Try not to shine bright light directly on the doll when shooting outside.

If you need to communicate with our customer service for more detailed requirements , you can contact and communicate with us by e-mail (
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