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About modifying the order
In order to improve the speed at which each customer receives the product, we will enter the scheduling process immediately after the customer places the order. If the order is paid for more than 7 days,if the order is cancelled due to personal reasons and the refund is requested, the entire amount of the single order will be deducted 35% of the payment is used as cost compensation.
About delivery time
Order a full set, the shipment will be taken after the full set is all done, the production period is about 3 to 6 months (no holidays included);
Order a nude doll, the shipment will be taken after the full set is all done, the production period is about 3 to 4 months (no holidays included)
About express delivery:EMS
Shipping Area: Worldwide
Shipper: EMS, or EMS premium(not available for some area)
Delivery time: 7~10 business days(varies by area)
* Overseas delivery may be delayed due to local customs.
About customs and taxes
The buyer is responsible for the international shipments for which is import duties and taxes mayapplied. This charge is imposed in the destination country and we cannot handle with it.
If the buyer is returned with a refusal to receive the item, the related cost (round-trip shipping,handling fee, etc.) is buyer' s responsibility.

About Dolls
* If the doll itself has quality problems requiring warranty,please contact us immediately ,we will evaluatedifferent quality problems and then come up with appropriate solutions.

About maintenance
◆After cleaning, the wiped doll should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry.
◆Avoid exposure to the sun and humid environment, otherwise it will accelerate the oxidationand yellowing. .
◆Choose a clean and dust-free environment for daily storage, which can delay the oxidation rate
◆If you accidentally stain your body with dirt when you play with dolls daily, you must deal with it in time and do not leave it for too long, otherwise it may penetrate into your body and cannotbe removed.
◆Dishwashing liquid, toothpaste, alcohol, cotton swabs, wiping Klin, cotton cloth, these are alltools that can be used to clean the body of the doll. No matter which tool is used, wipe the surface of the body gently. Do not use too much force to avoid damage to the skin of the body.
◆Do not soak in water for a long time, and do not use high-temperature boiling water for cleaning.
◆ If you need to communicate with our customer service for more detailed requirements , you can contact and communicate with us by e-mail ([email protected]).

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